Special Surprise at the Monte Carlo Las Vegas


It may not be the special surprise you were thinking of, but we’re pleased to announce that Monte Carlo Las Vegas is undergoing some major changes to help enhance your overall experience.

Monte Carlo Las Vegas

Hotel32 on top of the Monte Carlo just opened up as an exclusive boutique hotel. It comes with airport transportation, a Suite Assistant and other great amenities to ensure the perfect stay. Hotel32 is being deemed the “new place where everyone can feel rich and famous in Las Vegas.”

But it’s not just accommodations that have changed.

In the last few months, “The Pub” opened up taking the place of “Brew Pub” while the property also started preparing for Frank Caliendo to take the stage starting October 12th.

If you haven’t been to the Monte Carlo Las Vegas or haven’t been there in a while, now is the time to check it out.

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