Spiderman Robber With Sword No Match For Clerk With Broom


JACKSONVILLE, North Carolina ~ (KFSN/ ABC News) ~ A would-be robber dressed as Spiderman and carrying a sword was no match for a store clerk and a broom.

Detectives with the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office reported that, around 1:30am on Wednesday, October 19th, a man wearing a Spiderman mask and carrying a sword entered a convenience store located on Wilmington Highway. He allegedly stuck the sword in the clerk’s face and said,”give me your money and I will not hurt you.” But instead of relinquishing the cash register’s contents, deputies report the female clerk shoved the handle of a broom firmly into the robber’s belly.

Another clerk joined in on the confrontation and they tried to overpower the robber, but he was able to break free and run away. However, the two employees managed to remove his mask and tear off part of the man’s ponytail. Deputies later arrived at the nearby home of 56-year-old Dale Foughty and arrested him. They claim he had shaved his head and hair was all over the table in the living room, and he was also noticeably sore from the defense he encountered from the two clerks. Foughty is now charged with attempted armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious bodily injury and injury to personal property; his bond has been set at $100,000.

Photo credit: Onslow County Sheriff’s Office

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