Spit Fire: Jay-Z and Kanye West Collaborated Single to Drop Tuesday


Little brother accompanying big brother. The greatest rapper alive featuring his heir to the hip hop throne. Eleven number one albums alongside 2010’s album of the year. You guys get my drift yet? The highly anticipated (understatement) project between Jay-Z and Kanye West is indeed happening, with the premiere single from the forthcoming album said to be releasing this Tuesday.

Originally, it appeared that Mr. West might have let the holiday spirit get the best of him as he announced during a New Year’s party roughly a week ago, that the work, Watch The Throne, would drop next week. With alcohol in hand, mind you, maybe the “reformed” alcoholic maybe just let the excitement of the night and fresh decade get the better of him.

Not too long after the aforementioned video footage made its way onto the world wide web, Kanye ran to his oh so convenient celeb/fan “connector,” ie. his twitter account, in order to clear up the confusion. In short, the collaborative album’s debut single entitled “H.A.M.” is to hit the inter-verse Tuesday, January 11th (1/11/11), not the entire set of audio enlightenment, which I’m sure most of us could have guessed it was all too soon and with no accompanying promo to have the whole shabang thrown at us this quick.

After clearing the anxious, smoke filled air, word has since been funneled out that the album, in its entirety, is aiming for a March release date.

Not limiting to the appropriated hip-hop genre, I suggest that if you are a fan of music whatsoever, that you check out the featured single and upcoming album accordingly, as we’re looking at two of the most notable musicians of our lifetime.

See the single’s (“H.A.M.”) artwork below:

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