SpliffStar Threads Party At The Palms Has Major Celebrity Appearances


Spliffstar Threads and Illadelph had a private party inside one of the Sky Villas in the Fantasy Tower at the Palms Casino Resort last night which was graced with several celebrity appearances and topped off by a special performance by Busta Rhymes.

Busta Rhymes Performs in a Sky Villa at The Palms for SpliffStar Threads

We started off in a “meet and greet” room which was downstairs from the actual party. It wasn’t long before Rapper “Too $hort” arrived to hang out, shoot some pool, and mingle with the crowd.

Rapper Too Short Playing Pool at the SpliffStar Threads Party at The Palms
Rapper “Too $hort” Playing Pool Inside the “Meet and Greet” Room

Shortly after, Busta Rhymes and his entourage arrived and sat in a booth in the back corner of the room. He took some photos with fans and members of SpliffStar Threads, then recorded a video-blog live to his website, Flipmode Television, where he endorsed a “Vortex” gravity bong which had been demonstrated to him earlier.

Busta Rhymes and Nick Smitley, Owner of SpliffStar Threads
Busta Rhymes and Nick Smitley, Owner of SpliffStar Threads

Next, it was upstairs to the Sky Villa. The scene was incredible. There were sexy bartenders, a water-fall type illusion on one of the villa walls, and of course, the amazing pool on the balcony which extends over Palms Casino Resort – giving you an amazing view of the Las Vegas strip. One guy didn’t pass up the opportunity to hop in and soak up all that the Villa had to offer.

Sky Villa at The Palms Las Vegas

The highlight of the night was of course, Busta’s performance. He opened with “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See,” then dedicated the rest of his performance to “Too $hort,” who he referred to as “The Legend”. Busta asked the DJ for an instrumental of Too Shorts hit single, “Blow The Whistle” and had the crowd going wild with an unheard freestyle to the famous club beat.

Busta Rhymes at The Palms Las Vegas

Overall it was a great night. You can see photos of Busta Rhymes performing in our gallery, as well as hundreds of other pictures from the night – and expect an exclusive video of the performance coming soon. It was an awesome party put on by Spliffstar Threads and Illadelph at the Sky Villa at the Palms Casino Resort, with special guest appearances by rapper Spliffstar, Too Short and an awesome performance by Busa Bus himself.

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