Starbucks Sets Sail: One If By Land, Two Starbucks at Sea


“O ‘Hoy Matey! I’ll have a Triple Grande Nonfat Sugar Free Caramel Macchiato, please.” That’s right people. That’s what you can be saying when you set sail on Royal Caribbean’s newest cruise-liner, Allure of the Seas, next year. The 225,282 ton marvel boasts 16 entertainment decks, 28 ultra modern lofts, 2700 staterooms, and for the first time in Starbucks history, one of their shops not touching land. While aboard this wave splitter with your fresh brewed Starby’s in hand made by a seasick barista, you can catch a Broadway Show (Chicago now playing), take the DreamWorks Experience, and of course pick up some new accoutrements from the GUESS store on your way to the Art Walk exhibits.

When you think about it, Starbuck’s Coffee was the only thing missing from what seems to be a floating mega mall. Why was this thing called the Allure of the Sea? It has the allure of suburbia… not water.

But, let’s face it. This is America… the land where people pencil in relaxation and text during yoga. We can’t relax! We’re not designed to in the USA. So, it only makes sense that we have our morning, afternoon, and evening coffee to jolt us into, wait; calming down and taking a break from our daily grind we left back on land? Hmm… Is this really a convenience we need or more likely a group of business men in Seattle kicking themselves in the caffeinated ass for not thinking of Starbucks setting “sale” sooner? Well, you think about that because I have to run. I’m late for my Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte. What? Can’t a guy be festive? Happy Halloween!

{Photo inside Allure of the Seas, from Royal Caribbean}

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