Stocking Stuffer: The Philips 3-Outlet Travel Power Strip


Ok, as promised, I was supposed to report on my experience as a judge for the Miss Bikini America pageant at the Golden Nugget Hotel this weekend (, but in true Aaron form, I got the schedule mixed around and missed the whole thing! So in the place of some boring article about bikini models, and since it is almost Christmas shopping season, I decided to write a riveting article about a stocking-stuffer that I highly recommend.

This little bundle of joy is perfect for the loved one in your life that spends all his/her spare time at Starbucks getting high on caffeine while trying to find something to write about (yeah, I only really know one of those kind of people too, but dont buy me one, I am already a satisfied customer).

Ok, enough build big nerdy recommendation for the holiday season is the Philips 3-outlet Travel Power Strip available at Frys Electronics and online at for only $8!

Yes, I understand that right about now you may be scratching your head and wondering why the heck would anyone ever need one of those, but trust me, it is definitely the best solution for a problem you didnt know that your loved one even has. But think about it, how many times has your favorite tech-junkie been at a Starbucks or airport frantically looking for an outlet to charge up their cell phone or laptop only to find that everyone in the world seems to have the same problem and those strangers are already hogging every single outlet in the joint? It is a modern tragedy to watch your laptop battery die a slow death while such a simple solution is so close (but a battery lifetime awayI had to say it).

Well you can end this sad story for your loved one with this portable $8 device! They simply whip out the compact little power strip and share that outlet not just with the person who was hogging it in the first place, but they can even offer the third outlet to a total stranger thus continuing the giving spirit that this brilliant little holiday gift engenders. Bam! For 8 bucks, problem solved, tragedy avoided and the holiday spirit payed forward.

Now wasnt that better than girls in bikinis? Yeah, I agree, but dont worry, I have plenty of bikini stories to report on in the near please, stay tuned and send me your feedback to [email protected] and remember to share these articles, retweet them, post your comments or become a fan of Syrup Swimwear at

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