Store Sampled Yogurt Laced With Semen. Clerk Arrested


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —A New Mexico man who was arrested for handing out semen filled yogurt samples, could face federal charges after investigators matched his DNA to the semen found at an Albuquerque Sunflower Market, the Associated Press reported Thursday.

Police first responded to a 911 call at the Albuquerque grocery store on Jan. 26 after a woman spat out a yogurt sample she was given from a store employee that she thought was a bodily fluid. Unfortunately, her hunch turned out to be right.

Police said 31-year-old Anthony Garcia was booked on an unrelated warrant for criminal sexual contact of a minor. Albuquerque police said more charges are expected to be filed as early as next week.

Authorities said Garcia offered a female customer a sample of what he said was Greek yogurt, suspicious of its content, the woman called the police. Investigators were able to match Garcia’s DNA to that of the yogurt sample and now Garcia may face a battery charge.

Trish Hoffman, of the Albuquerque Police Department said, “(We) have never dealt with a case like this in all the years (that) I’ve been in law enforcement. It’s horrific. It’s horrific for the victim,”

Most consumers worry about finding a hair in their food or worse, spit, but no one realistically expects a man to hand out his goo at a grocery store. Imagine that was your mother taking that sample.

Since reports of the tainted yogurt have been released, more women have come forward claiming that they were given samples, too. Some claims even date back to December; however, there’s no way to prove that they were victims as well, police say.

Besides facing a potential charge for battery — which is only a misdemeanor charge — from the Albuquerque Police Department, this terrific specimen of humanity could face a federal felony charge for food tampering, the Associated Press reported.

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