Stripper Pole Stolen From Florida Home


 PALM CITY,Florida (NBC News Channel) ~ A woman has filed a report with local police after her “expert dancing pole” was stolen from her house, however she suspects that it might have been an inside job.
The 19-year-old unidentified Palm City woman told Martin County Sheriff deputies she had broken up with her boyfriend on March 12th, and while she was packing her belongings to move out, she noticed her $400 dancing pole was missing. According to the sheriff’s report, “the victim advised that she was working from (1 p.m. to 6 p.m.) and when she returned to get her belongings, her 15-foot X Pole Expert dancing pole was missing from the residence”.
 The woman also said to police that her boyfriend told her he had left the house to go to the store, and while he was gone someone must’ve broken in and stolen the pole. The report didn’t say if anything else was missing, and the woman told police that the pole would require disassembly to be removed from the residence. She also has the notion that the thief is a little closer to home; “The victim believes (her ex boyfriend) may have taken the dancing pole and hit it,” the police report states. Cops said that, so far, there are no suspects.
Photo credit: USPDF Natasha Wang/Brass Ovaries
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