Sunday and Monday Night of Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas – RECAP


Did you know it was $100.00 just to get in the door on Sunday night to see DJ Tiesto perform at JET Nightclub Las Vegas? That’s insane! Personally, I wasn’t there, but I’m sure it was well worth it.

Over at TAO and LAVO on Sunday Night of Memorial Day Weekend, Rapper Nelly showed up with his entourage and craving Asian cuisine. The closed kitchen actually opened up for him to whip up some Kung Pao and Satay of Bass. Must be nice huh? Apparently Nelly, Usher and Jermaine Dupri have a new song called “Vegas Baby”. DJ Vice threw the song on and the crowd went crazy when hearing the line in the song that goes, “We stumble outta TAO in the a.m. hurtin.” Has anyone hear the song yet? If not, check it out below – they call out some of our best properties and venues in the song including TAO Nightclub, the Wynn and The Palms Casino Resort. Pretty neat.

Anyway, back to the parties on Sunday Night. The place to be was yet again, the Palms Casino Resort. I’m not making this stuff up! Actor and comedian Ben Stiller dined at N9NE Steakhouse with eight friends, including Bronson Olimpieri of N9NE Group. Over at Nove Italiano, DJ Carl Cox enjoyed dinner with Vice President of N9NE Group, Michael Fuller. During the day, it was all about Palms Pool & Bungalows as everyone soaked in the sun to enjoy their holiday weekend. NBA players Paul Pierce, Sam Cassell, Patrick Willis, Larry Johnson and comedian Andrew Milonakis were all spooted by hthe pool. Pierce and Cassell arrived together and Johnson later joined their party. Later in the evening, porn star Mary Carey was spotted with a friend, in a white dress and stilettos dancing the night away!

Monday night (last night) was just as crazy as the rest of them. Lines were miles long – tables were overbooked at the clubs and the creatures were out! Sean Kingston performed at JET – Lil Kim at Prive – and Vegas slowly tried to transition into being somewhat normal again.

It was such a diverse crowd here over the holiday weekend – which attributes to Las Vegas being the melting pot that it is. We hope everyone had a safe and FUN weekend here over Memorial Day – and most importantly, let’s try not to forget what this holiday is REALLY about.

Until next year…

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