Sunday TV Recap The Walking Dead Season 2 Epidsode 3

Shane twists The Walking Dead in an even darker direction

Well first of all let’s just get this out of the way, MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!  Alright, now if your going to continue do so at your own risk.

Sunday television is dominated by a single show, The Walking Dead.  There’s to two ways about it AMC’s zombie extravaganza is a bona fide phenomena.  Add to that the fact that last Sunday was the day before Halloween and you’ve got the perfect Sunday TV experience.

Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead was dark, even for a show that regularly features death and bloodshed.  Shane and Otis continued to attempt escape from a school where they found the medical supplies needed to save Carl’s life.

Loris considered pulling the plug on her son Carl as his condition continued to deteriorate.  Rick convinced her to keep fighting.

Andrea and Daryl continued to walk through the woods in search of Sophia where they sound a walker hanging from a tree.  Apparently someone who had been bit decided to hang himself and ended up as a writhing walker stuck in a tree.  Andrea reflected on her own feeling about suicide and how she has considered it since her sister died.

And then the truly dark plot twist happened.  The Walking Dead and all other good zombie stories rely on one simple principle, it’s not the zombie’s that are the real threat it’s your fellow man.  Shane and Otis continued to struggle out of the school with the medical supplies.  Shane was still managing to outrun Otis even with a sprained ankle.  With few remained bullets, Shane heartbreakingly decided to shoot Otis in the gut causing a distraction that let him escape with the supplies.

The episode ended with Shane shaving his head a la Taxi Driver and having flashbacks of what he had to do to save the young Carl.

One has to believe the eventually Shane will have to face up to the truth about what he did to Otis and possibly butt heads with Rick over the matter.

I’m sorry Pan Am but your Mad Men posturing can’t compare to this drama, zombies or no.

Check out a promo for the episode here:

The Walking Dead – Save The Last One Promo

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