Super Bowl Points: A Field Of Discussion


As everyone’s Super Bowl XLV fever begins to touch down and the water-cooler chit chat takes off, let’s tackle this year’s entertainment fumbles. People have been blowing up social networks since kick-off as to what an exciting game it was. I’m not even a football fan and I was drawn in this year and found myself watching even when we came back from commercial. I know! But let’s face it… Even though the Packers took the win over the Steelers, for most of the night, that game was closer than Ben Roethlisberger and an unwilling girl.

Let’s take a quick look at the big pink elephant in the stadium (no…that’s not a jab at her weight) that seemingly everyone with a Twitter account felt the need to mention before the song even ended: Christina Aguilera’s interpretation of our National Anthem. Overall, her vocals were nothing to be ashamed of. However, lyrically, it was redolent of an incomplete pass. Aguilera commented to the AP regarding the flub saying, “I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through.” How much do you want to bet, George Bush – who was in attendance – had no clue she made a mistake? Just sayin’.

Now let’s move on to the half-assed half-time show. Did you hear that? No, really… could you hear that? With all the work the Black Eyed Peas put into the choreography, you would think someone would have taken a moment to do a quick sound check? At one point, the mics didn’t even seem to be on. Thank God their flashing outfits were enough to make an epileptic swallow their tongue, or we’d have nothing distracting us from the fact that the sound mixer had a little too much “Gatorade” before the show. Now before you say to yourself, “Well, embarrassing as it may have been for them… I’m sure they made bank!” Try $0! That’s right. Not a single dime. Why? Well, as it turns out (and this is news to me too) traditionally super bowl half-time acts don’t get paid. The millions and millions of eyes watching provide performers with an amount of exposure they feel is payment enough. I guess that explains why $100 million dollar worth Justin Bieber kept his appearance to the big screen.

Speaking of the big screen, let’s talk about the real winners last night: the famous commercial aspect. I for one think that they were hit and miss this year. Which is somewhat surprising when you factor in that companies shelled out $3 million for a 30-second airtime spot. The Huffington Post hailed the Chrysler “Imported from Detroit” commercial as the best which “made history by airing this first-ever two-minute bowl spot.” Now before you do the math, it’s speculated that the company probably only paid about $5 million for the spot. My personal favorite was the chimps crashing into that guy’s car. I have a motto: When in doubt, add a monkey. Hysterical. Although, a cardinal error in advertising was made. As the consumer, I have no clue what they were selling. I just know, it made me laugh out loud and instilled the urge to buy a monkey that drives. If that’s what they were going for… then mission accomplished creative directors! And let us not forget Mini’s “Cram it in the boot” commercial that really pushed the envelope in the sexual innuendo department. It was nice, once and for all, to take care of the one and only person who didn’t know Mini Cooper was the gayest vehicle on the planet! Yes… This includes the Probe!

The super bowl viewing audience has been steadily growing since 2005. According to Entertainment Weekly, “Super Bowl XLV was the most-watched telecast in TV history, delivering 111 million viewers.” Wow! That had to excite FOX who aired a new “Glee” following last night’s game. Awe damn… I just remembered I forgot to put out the chips and dip. Ever notice, you never say the next day, “Darn… I completely forgot the booze.”?

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