Super Bowl XLV Makes Television History


It’s no great secret that the NFL’s Super Bowl is one of the most highly watched television program’s year in and year out. Quite frankly, it generally takes the number one spot with each passing year, for obtaining the most viewers. Well, yesterday’s Super Bowl XLV was no different in that respect, except for the fact that it surpassed any other previous program in television history. With roughly 111 million viewers, Super Bowl XLV solidified its spot in television history as the most watched TV program, ever.

Now why so much hype over this year’s big game as opposed to any other previous year? Could it be the fact that two of the NFL’s most storied franchises went toe to toe, also featuring two of the league’s brightest, young Quarterbacks in Green Bay’s Aaron Rodger’s and Pittsburgh’s “Big” Ben Roethlisberger? Or possibly the controversy in regards to Aaron Rodger’s leading the Packers instead of long time Packer great Brett Favre, combined with the headlines regarding Big Ben’s off season troubles? Perhaps it was the statistics that ranked Pittsburgh and Green Bay the top two defenses in the league, respectively.

Nonetheless, what appeared to be a blowout early on, turned into one heck of a football game, albeit the consistent decline in creativity regarding the Super Bowl commercials, as well as one of the worst halftime performances in sports history. Sorry Peas. Oh, and lets not forget Miss Christina Aguilera butchering our National Anthem as she embarrassingly forgot the words. We learn that in what, third grade?

Who knows, but Fox did something right to warrant over 100 million viewers. Some will speculate that the record will continue to be broken with the following year, but I don’t feel that way at all. Rich history, controversy, top rated athletes—we don’t always get that combination for our Super Bowl. So here’s to congratulating the entire Fox network, as well as the Super Bowl XLV champion, Green Bay Packers.

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