Suprise Surprise: Eminem Aids in Boosting Chrysler’s First Quarter Sales


Super Bowl commercials — other than the unmistakable fact that the slots nearly cost an arm and a leg and of course that companies overbearingly attempt to bring their A game for the short segments, what is really left as far as long term ripple effect? Well, obviously some good, some bad — just ask Chrysler what Grammy award winning emcee Eminem did for their first quarter sales since the Detroit representer acted as their most recent spokesperson during the big show.

The “Imported From Detroit” campaign was realistically a long shot seeing as the struggling automobile company hadn’t seen a positive quarter since quite sometime before filing for bankruptcy roughly two years ago. And taking on a rapper at that, quite risque indeed, but boy did it pay off.

The Super Bowl alotted commercial itself has garnered over 10 million views via YouTube alone and as result of the artistic and personable antics, Chrysler has raked in around $116 million during its initial quarter since the advertisement. And for all you numbers gurus out there, that’s a 35% increase in net revenue. Not bad, huh? Not at all considering they welcomed in a so-called bad boy from the Motor City that again I say, was a bit less than a safe choice, especially considering that Chryslers are generally purchased by middle-aged to seniors.

So all props to Chrysler as well as Em for the rebirth (maybe) of a desperately needing company.

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