Survey Says: New Facebook Profile Layout Less Than Stellar


Announced just this past weekend, prior to Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg’s highly anticipated sitdown on esteemed “60 Minutes,” the new and “improved” profile configurations now appear to be in full effect. The not so subtle changes aim at enhancing user info, pictures, interests, as well as accessibility and usability.

After stumbling upon the renovations via Facestalking my girlfriend’s page earlier today (wait, was that out loud?), all it has accomplished, in my weightless opinion, is several million raised eyebrows and scratching heads. While the updated layout is not mandatory (thank God), it would simply appear that the social media juggernaut and its crafty curators are hard at working in attempts to stay relevant. Anybody out there still enjoy and take advantage of MySpace? Case in point. As I do feel it will be quite some time before “The Book,” as I look to call it, becomes extincted, it is however inevitably a matter of time before someone does embark on a bigger and better networking phenomenon.

I guess I can’t knock the attempt, but like I’ve always heard, “If it aint broke, don’t fix it.” Trust me, Facebook powers that be, Twitter is in no way shape or fame poised to overtake your heralded dynasty. So when the time comes to make necessary upgrades, make them well worth it.

There you have it. Two cents from someone who knows absolutely nothing about computer engineering or website makeup and coding, but hey, aren’t we all entitled to freedom of speech? And be clearly and adamantly forewarned, do not click to accept the “upgrade.” Good day.

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