Suspect Pleads Guilty After Robbery Boast On Facebook


HOUSTON, Texas ~ (KHOU-TV/ AP) ~ Working note to all potential robbers: don’t post about your latest crimes as your status on social media.

Prosecutors say 19-year-old Ricky Gonzalez pleaded guilty on August 18th to charges of bank robbery and embezzlement of funds. The International Bank of Commerce was robbed on March 23rd of this year by two masked, armed men; Gonzalez is the boyfriend of bank teller 18-year-old Estefany Danelia Martinez, who worked at the bank.

A tip led investigators to the social media website Facebook, where the comment “IM RICH” appeared in the status of Gonzalez’s account. The day after the incident, Gonzalez posted, “WOKE UP DIS MORNING! BUST DOWN A SWISHA!!! LOOK IN THE MIRROR LIKE I’M ONE RICH … WIPE MY TEETH WITH HUNDREDS WIPE MY ASS WITH DIS 50s :$:$:$:$:$:$.” Martinez, along with fellow teller 19-year-old Anna Margarita Rivera and her brother, 22-year-old Arturo Solano, all pleaded guilty in a previous hearing. All four of the group face maximum 10-year prison sentences for bank robbery and 30-year terms for embezzlement which will be determined during sentencing later this year. Investigators say about $62,000 was stolen, with more than half the money recovered.

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