Suspect Tell Cops: Dr Phil Warned Me Of Alien Invasion


SALISBURY, North Carolina ~ ( The Salisbury Post / WBTV ) ~ Authorities report that a man, accused of leading police on a high-speed chase, claims he fled his home under the influence of synthetic marijuana after the celebrity psychiatrist told him America was under alien invasion.

According to a police report, 21-year-old Richard Blanscet had admitted to smoking a strand of Mr. Nice Guy synthetic marijuana called “Wicked X Herbal Smoke”, but he claims he was not high when the aliens started attacking. He said he was watching television when Dr. Phil told him, in a high-pitched voice, that America was under attack from extraterrestrials. “When this was happening I was not high. The noises from the TV were hurting my brain in a way that made me want to vomit,” Blanscet told WBTV. “That got rid of any sort of high I could have had, because it was so painful.”

This all started on the evening of March 16th, when Rowan County Sheriff deputy Josh McHone was dispatched to the Blanscet residence around 7:45pm; he was summoned  to help emergency medical personnel treat the suspect, who at the time was considered a combative patient under the influence of an unknown substance. But before McHone could arrive, he was told that Blanscet had sped away in his father’s 1997 Jaguar XK-8, nearly hitting emergency workers as he left. McHone chased the suspect through a church parking lot, a cemetery, down a ditch, across a field and on roads with speeds reaching 120 mph, The Salisbury Post reports.

After leading a considerable chase, Blanscet veered through a store parking lot before crashing the Jaguar at an intersection, where police were finally able to arrest him. He told authorities he didn’t stop for the blue lights because “he realized the invasion was real and the cops were on it,” the report said. He told investigators that he saw a UFO when he left his home, that was circling above him, and needed to save his girlfriend. 

Blanscet was given standard field sobriety tests, then taken into custody. A blood sample was also taken from Blanscet at Rowan Regional Medical Center. The sheriff’s office is still checking on the “Mr. Nice Guy” substance Blanscet allegedly smoked before the night’s events; a search of Blanscet’s home uncovered smoking pipes and the synthetic weed. He’s been charged with driving while impaired, felony speeding to elude arrest and resisting a public officer and was given a $2,500 secured bond.

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