Swedish Police Confiscate Shotgun Guitar


LULEÅ, Sweden ~ (Norrländska Demokraten / The Local) ~ When Swedish cops raided an apartment last November they discovered something not exactly made for playing the blues; a guitar with two shotgun barrels.

Luleå Police received a tip that a local unidentified 54-year-old man was hoarding a cache of unlicensed weapons in his home and executed a raid on the place. Inside his apartment they found a total of six firearms and a quantity of ammunition, but they also discovered something unusual hanging on the wall, in the form of an electric guitar.

The neck of the instrument had been hollowed out and two shotgun barrels had been inserted, while the body of the guitar contained the beginnings of the trigger assembly. When interviewed by police the man described the modified weapon as “a fun thing that was not finished”. In a report by the newspaper Norrländska Demokraten, the man told police interrogators the guns were “therapy to keep off the drink”. 

Gang-symbol stickers, from three known Luleå gangs, were also found in the residence which led police to believe the man may have been buying and selling stolen weapons. Other guns found in the residence included a sawed-off shotgun, a home made sub-machine gun, a Mauser rifle, two revolvers and a walking stick adapted to function as a rifle; he now faces charges concerning aggravated weapons crimes and receiving stolen goods.

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