Sylvester Stallone Launching Rocky, Rambo Fashion Line


LOS ANGELES, Calif. —-“ The Machismo Line “ — Continuing to capitalize on the films he made over 30 years ago, Actor Sylvester Stallone announced he is launching a men’s clothing line that will offer “Rambo” and Rocky inspired fashions.

The company co-owned by Stallone and veteran beauty and retail executive Michael Henry, gave their new venture the most original name they could think of, Sly Inc.

In an interview with Men’s Week, the 64-year-old actor said, “I thought the time is now. I’ve lived a life where I know what has worked and what hasn’t worked. Clothing is the first step to building a character.”

“Rocky at the end of the day is a love story, while Rambo showcases the other side of masculinity, he’s a loner.” So the line will offer looks for “the rebel and the gentleman.”

Stallone’s dramatic weight change during the filming of Rambo and it sequels is what inspired him to become “truly involved in style.”

“Nothing fit so I started buying custom clothing. I found out, I really like this world.”

Some of the items offered by Stallone, and his Sly Inc brand will include jeans, shirts, outerwear, underwear and watches.

This will be followed by eyewear, grooming products, fragrance, active wear and athletic shoes for men between 25 and 40 years old. The inspiration for his men’s clothing brand is his two best known characters, Rocky and Rambo.

Michael Henry, President of Sly Incorporated, said they will address the dual personalities of each character, the “rebel” and the “gentleman.”

Those looking to dress like a moron while being ridiculed by the general public can purchase these movie inspired fashions next year.

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