T-SHIRT With Burglar’s Face & Slogan Left Behind During Break-In


CHARLOTTE, North Carolina “Duh Loser”—A moronic North Carolina burglary suspect aided police in his inevitable capture when he left behind a T-shirt with a printed photo of himself and his slogan during a break-in early Tuesday morning.

Charlotte police said the not-so cunning thief left behind a t-shirt with a photo of himself and the slogan “making money is my thang.”

Using the Mugshot photo printed on the t-shirt, detectives were able to match the description of one of two burglary suspects responsible for the early morning break-in of a Plaza Midwood home Tuesday.

Nichita Davis and Delaney Douglas were at home during the break-in. Police say the two men forced the couple to go room to room while they searched for valuables.

The two moronic marauders managed to get away with some jewelry and a wallet before fleeing-leaving behind their unique calling card.

Officers say the black t-shirt, emblazoned with photo and the proud slogan in capital letters, fell out of their car as the pair raced away.

The homeowners were not hurt during the robbery, and police are now asking for the public’s help in locating these two bumbling burglars before they leave t-shirts all over town.

All though very stupid, the T-shirt bandit is not alone in his quest for ‘the stupidest thief ever.’

In February, the man who police branded ‘the most stupid criminal ever’ pleaded guilty to burglary in Washington after he stole a laptop – then used it to take a picture of himself and post it on the owner’s Facebook page.

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