Tae Bo Workout Causes Building To Shake For Ten Minutes


SEOUL, South Korea ~ (Herald-Sun/Hindustan Times/AFP) ~ South Korean experts reported they believe a vigorous gym workout session caused a high-rise building to shake for ten minutes, prompting hundreds to evacuate in panic.

Professor Chung Lan, of Danguk University in Yongin City near Seoul, re-created the scenario which caused the panic on July 5th, when an exercise group of was doing a Tae Bo workout routine on the 39th floor of the TechnoMart building. Tae Bo is an exercise routine combining boxing and martial arts movements performed by a group of people. Professor Chung recreated the conditions on July 17th using a smaller group of 17 middle-aged participants working out to the tune “The Power” by the German group Snap, and caused the building to again shimmy in a similar way to the first incident. “Participants in Tuesday’s test said they felt the building rolling greatly while others said they has felt lesser oscillations,” TechnoMart spokesman Andy Yang told AFP.

Chung said in a radio interview that the building, constructed of concrete and steel girders, had a characteristic vibration frequency which was “in phase” with the synchronized movements of the Tae Bo practitioners. After the first occasion the Gwangjin district government ordered the building closed but reopened it later after building experts declared the building to be structurally sound. District official Cho Byung-Joon said the fitness club may be allowed to reopen, depending on test results, “but practicing Tae Bo in that particular building may have to be banned,” Cho said.

Photo credit: Herald-Sun

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