Taiwanese Woman Marries Herself and Spends Honeymoon Alone [OFFBEAT]


TAIPEI, Taiwan —–From the Offbeat News Department, a tale of a Taiwanese woman who married herself to protest the overwhelming pressure on women to get hitched and have children.

Chen Wei-yi took the final self-love plunge in an effort against a government campaign to encourage earlier marriage in order to increase Taiwan’s low birthrate.

The 29-year-old Chen had most of the traditional features of a wedding, including a flower girl, a cake, with only her on-top and a non-existent best man. The one thing missing from this wedding was the groom.

Although not stated, we here at the offbeat news desk wondered if the first dance as self and self seemed a bit awkward? Moreover, during the reception, did she smear cake in her own face?

Chen, who will celebrate her 30th birthday next month, said, “I feel that marrying myself represents a promise to really love myself.”

Which raises the issue of the honeymoon and that whole dynamic, but that is another tale for another time.

Chen’s decision to marry herself has been met with mixed feedback. Critics accuse Chen of trying to get cash gifts, but she says women from around the world have sent her words of encouragement.

Now that she is married to herself, Chen can legally hyphenate her last name to Wei-yi-Wei-yei. Good luck Chen, a toaster oven is on its way as a wedding gift from us.

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