Target Team Tells Teens, It Gets Better


With the recent suicides that occurred all over the country, the It Gets Better project ( wanted to help kids that were on the verge of making the same tragic decision. is a porthole of other gay and lesbian teens and adults that upload a video of their story. This creates a feeling of intimacy and the watcher the ability of seeing the emotion that remembering can brew. The most important thing about this site is to show kids thinking about suicide that they can in fact get through this challenging time and embrace life.

Target saw this organization and an opportunity to have their employees help the cause. Target and its employees created and uploaded a video collection of stories and experiences that gay and lesbian Target team members had endured through their teens and some, their early childhood.  Touching stories, with tears and some laughter, but all the barest truth of young men and women who also thought life was too much to take. By some strength of will, or just the right amount of support from another, have made it through this time and now live open, free and happy.

Is this a gimmick or does Target really care enough to lend stories to It Gets Better? They run the risk of losing a specific kind of customer that may think the gay and lesbian lifestyle is one of choice and deviance. However, Target showing their support, openness and disregard for the close-minded opinions of the powers that be, will gain integrity and the undying support of those of us who know how important it is to help teens get through these trying and confusing times, by just letting them know they are not alone.

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