Taylor Swift Covers Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” [VIDEO]


Sure — musical covers from one artist to another are no strange occurrence. But a country singer going over a rap song? Not quite as common, of course. Just don’t tell country Queen Taylor Swift as she recently payed tribute to Eminem’s 2002 hit, “Lose Yourself.”

Now if you can remember, Swift has had her run in amidst the hip-hop world. You know — the VMAs and her BFF Kanye West? Yeah — that was a good time. Also, she was caught roughly a month ago, rapping to one of Nicki Minaj’s recent hits. Maybe the girl is a bit more “hood” than she lets on.

As you’ll see from the footage below, the multi-Grammy Award winner looked quite comfortable performing the Slim Shady classic. Surprising, I know. I just wonder what Em had to say.

Click, watch, and enjoy.

Anybody foresee a rap contract in the near future?

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