Technology & Gadgets: How Small Will They Get?


If you’ve visited your local coffee shop in the past week, you’re sure to see fellow caffeine fanatics typing away on Apple’s newest product, the MacBook Air, which boasts its’ greatest achievement of being a minuscule 2.3 pounds. Amazing, yes. Necessary, hell no!

Now listen America, I’m all for technological convenience and advancement, but when did everyone get so weak? Was there a big problem with the weight of laptops which average six or seven pounds? Studies show that the weight of your clothes and shoes on an average day are approximately eight pounds. Hence, with that in mind, I imagine if Apple designed our daily wardrobe, it would consist of a tank top and flip flops. Honestly, have you ever heard someone say, “Boy I had a rough day lugging around this laptop… I am beat!”? Seriously, we are statistically the fattest nation in the world and for good reason. Carrying your laptop to your favorite corner of the Coffee Bean where you set up shop for the next four hours while sipping your 830 calorie Banana Caramel Ice Blended® is the most exercise most of us are getting. I promise, lifting a seven pound laptop occasionally is not going to exert your guns.

As evolution continues to unfold, we need to make sure technology evolves with us in the right direction so it continues to achieve what it set out to do in the first place – improve our lives… not obfuscate them. I consider myself to be an adult human male with a set of fingers that can accurately be described as average size. That being said, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been shopping for a new cell phone and while testing them in the store, have been completely disgruntled with the overall size of the device – keys in particular. Who are these people with fingers the size of Q-tips these devices were obviously designed for? We are completely obsessed with the increasingly small size of our gadgets… well, some of them. (And yes, that was a racy joke)

I think we could all use a little more advancement where it counts. I’d rather have a laptop that is thicker than a gram cracker if it means it doesn’t snap and break the first time I lean on it. Congruously, I wouldn’t mind a wireless company that spent more time developing a sharper service network rather than developing new cell phones that I might lose in my ear.

Some of you savvy techies reading this article on your two inch cell phone screen may think I’m merely being “small”. But in fairness to me, I lost my computer a little while ago because someone accidentally threw a napkin over it when I got up to grab another latte.

{image from Apple}

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