Teen Nickelodeon Actor Busted For DUI


Teen Nickelodeon Actor Busted For DUI

Is it me, or do you get a warm feeling that runs through your body evoking an innocent chuckle when an actor – who stars in a kid’s show no less – gets busted for DUI? It’s kind of like hearing a Teletubbie committed rape. Hysterical! Right?

Well, we have that moment once again as word comes in that Nickelodeon’s Ryan Rottman was arrested for DUI last night in Hollywood. Rottman is best known for his staring role playing Joey Colvin on TeenNick’s “Gigantic” – “a series watched by millions of young teens across America.”

According to the Daily Mail Reporter, the 27-year old was arrested in Los Angeles last night following “a field sobriety test [which later revealed] that the actor failed a breath test after blowing 0.19, which is more than two times the legal limit in California.” Looks like somebody got ‘slimed’ last night Nick style! The report also stated that police originally pulled Rottman over after they “witnessed him driving erratically.” Why does alcohol tend to empower us behind the wheel or in an argument? Must be God’s little joke after prohibition went a different way.

RadarOnline further reported that “the actor was released from police custody at 6.20am this morning, and while Rottman’s bail was listed as $15,000 on his booking sheet, the actor agreed to an ‘unsecured appearance bond’ ” – meaning Rottman’s sentencing and judicial proceedings will commence at later court dates with his appearances being mandatory.

In other words Ryan, stay away from Lindsay Lohan until this crap is over.

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