Teen Nightclubs in Henderson Legal Again

Teenage nightclubs and dance halls became legal again in Henderson Tuesday, when the City Council voted 4-0 to pass an ordinance that will strictly regulate the clubs. The new ordinance establishes operating hours and live entertainment limitations for the clubs, and requires them to be at least 2,000 feet from one another and 1,000 feet from any school, park, library, liquor store, tavern or smoke shop.

This should make for some interesting news when someone decides to open the doors to the 18+ crowd and try to control the alcohol sales. However i have always wanted a Teen club to open in this town and be successful. Its very hard when you move here from another state and your only 19 with no place to go so you take it out on the streets. This is sure to be another topic to revisit at a later date once someone announces the opening of a new venue or a current venue opening its doors to the teens.

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