Ten Fun Halloween Pictures Posted on Twitter [PHOTOS]


Happy Halloween to all of our readers and fans out there! We’ve been watching you closely on Twitter and gathered a few of our favorite photos you sent out to cyberspace. Here are a few from Halloween 2011. If you have some cool photos that you want to share, please send them our way! Leave comments and let us know which is your favorite:

One of the best ZOMBIE costumes I’ve seen this year.

Zipper Face! This has got to be the best costume / make-up job out there.

I’m not quite sure what this is, but it’s pretty scary…

Highly inappropriate, lol. This kid shouldn’t even know what he is for Halloween.

Count the babies. It’s Octomom!

A couple blunts and a bag of weed. Creative, to say the least.

Another highly inappropriate costume. A man dressed up as a bottle of Whiskey while his son is a pack of smokes.

A green blob. This costume is fun because no one knows who it is!

The “breathalizer test”. Note where it says “blow here”.

The inappropriateness continues with a bloody…well…you get the picture.

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