Tennessee Man With Treehouse Tries For Guinness Record


CROSSVILLE, Tennessee ~ (Time.com) ~ A massive treehouse outside of Crossville is so large that many believe it should be listed as the record holder by Guinness World Records.

Self-taught carpenter and landscape architect Horace Burgess began construction in his treehouse back in 1993 after a revelation from God. Since then, he’s put in almost constant construction on the massive structure, which now spans over ten trees. he house currently stands at almost one hundred feet high with ten stories, and includes a chapel & sanctuary, basketball court, a swinging lawn chair, steep staircases, hidden passageways, and a “penthouse” Burgess built for his wife.

In order to achieve the title as world’s largest treehouse, Burgess will have to provide detailed measurements of every square inch of the treehouse. Sure to be a daunting task but Burgess will probably have the help of several friends who have volunteered numerous hours on the project. And Burgess says he’s not finished; he’s vowed to build additions to his rustic country mansion if he’s ever in danger of losing the sought-out title.

The treehouse suffered no damage in the recent outbreak of tornadoes in the Tennessee area, however vandals have left graffiti on some sufaces, much of it religious in nature. The place was once wired for electric power but the copper wiring was stolen three years ago and hasn’t been replaced. Many of the salvaged doors and window frames have also been removed. Burgess estimates he’s spent around $12,500 in construction costs; he’s used primarily salvaged lumber and over a quarter-million nails have been used in the project. No admission is charged to the hundreds of visitors who pass through each week. Burgess uses the facility to hold an informal church service on Sunday afternoons and in the future Burgess would like to use the place to run a summer camp for at-risk youths.

Photo credit: Brad Dececco

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