The 2nd Annual Air Sex Championship was a Huge Success


The 2nd Annual Air Sex Championships took place last Friday night in New York and were a huge success, even more so than last year.  The competition started in June and visited over 14 cities from Los Angeles to Atlanta and ending their 2010- 2011 tour in Brooklyn, New York.

This is definitely not your run of the mill competition and is not for everyone.  Contestants put their best “O” faces on while getting down and dirty with an imaginary partner.  The rules are pretty simple because there is only one, you can’t get naked, besides that anything goes, and I do mean anything.  Some of these people did things that made me blush and that is almost impossible to do.  One woman simulated sex with a donkey! Yes, bestiality was not left out of this competition and there was no rule against it. But, the person to beat was reining champion Dustin Dirty “D”  Diaz.  Dirty “D” shows his patriotism by performing in an American flag speedo and Navy hat.  His mustache is truly his best accessory, reminding me of a 1970’s porn star.  This guy is so good at air sex his own mother came out to watch him compete.  No joke!

But, Dirty “D” had some stiff competition this year, just to name a few:  Big Dick Guy Howard Shanker put on a memorable and somewhat creepy performance, Anna Banana, who performed mind blowing air fellatio but, was disqualified for flashing her breast.  And my favorite Chuck Naked, now this guy was my favorite only because he was totally original but seriously disturbed.  He made love to his “air” partner to the slow jams of Boys II Men, then pulls on a black S&M mask and decapitates his “partner” and violates her bloody corpse.  Umm, yea, pretty sick, but somewhat interesting to actually see.

But, ultimately the winner was, Big Dick Door Guy.  Who obviously wowed the crowd with his big dick, I mean skills.

To see video from this years Air Sex Championships go to

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