The after CES Las Vegas strip club round up. Scene thoughts and reviews.

OK so we spen the last 8 hours running around the La Vegas streets to get a close look at how the strip clubs are doing the week after all the CES geeks and goons leave. our first stop is Sapphire Gentleman’s club. So we drive up and there are a ton of people standing outside around the door. We are wondering what the hell is going on. The parking lot is full and there are people standing outside the door waiting to get in. After sitting there a min we figure out that these goons are just sitting there waiting for a host to walk them in. So we bypass that ordeal and head straight inside where the girl at the front desk says that will be $30 each please. So i hand her a card ad explain to her what we do and she says “oh ok let me ring up these 2 guys behind you and I’ll give you a ticket along with them”, No since m partner with me already knows the industry he already had his money out and was willing to pay but she said no you are good to go.

So after the ordeal at the front desk we walked into a packed house full of geeks and goons and head straight to the bar. After ordering the first round of drinks a random dancer approaches us to ask “Hi Guys where are you from” we explain a little about what we do and she decided to sit down and join us for awhile and fill us in with a little inside info about what is going down in the Las Vegas strip club world. Her name being Adrenaline from Dallas fills us in that she normally dances at the rhino but has been working at sapphires for a few weeks trying something new. After asking what the house fee and how business has been a week before and now a week after CES. She explains that the house fee hasn’t really changed he beside the increase on the weekends which is normal. But the place is packed with geeks and goons that aren’t spending any money. Now i understand the economy is bad and all so the fact that people are even in the building is a good thing for this 71,000 square foot place along with drinks being $15 each. The only bad part is that over 80% of the girls weigh more than i do and we even got to see one girl give a massage for cash instead of a dance at the bar. That massage was probably a better option for the guy since the dancer was 200+ and not good looking at all. So we decide after 2 drinks to make a move to the next venue. So it’s off to seamless.

We arrive at seamless and as normal the parking lot is full and you have to valet “Another way to pay the bills” but all is good. We drop off the car and head inside where we show another card to the inside host and he says to have a great time as he throws the card in a bin on the front counter. So off to the bar we go once again. As we are walking in i notice the new video projection they are using on the posts inside the club, they are even playing the video that matches the song. A step up for a strip club if you ask me but then again seamless has been doing a after hours party for some time now in Las Vegas. However the rumors are flying that Seamless in Las Vegas is going threw the same money problems that most venues are right now. However the doors are still open and the quality of girls there is a bit better than sapphires but not as many since the size of the venue is not even comparable. So its off to the next adventure CHEETAHS Las Vegas.

We arrive at cheetahs with once again another packed parking lot but half being cabs to pick up the drunk ones. After asking for the senior door guy Robert at the front door and explaining who we are again he asks for ID and says have a great time. No this place is a little different than the others. The girls are a little more desperate there just to get a dance. So we walk in to the beer bar to meet someone that we knew and to fnd them eating pizza. I asked how that happened and she said ” Hey what can i say my client want pizza they get pizza” which she made happen. We stayed there a total of around 15 minutes before heading to the next stop ” Spearmint Rhino ”

We drive down industrial to see tons of police doing traffic stops “Good to see” ad head right to the parking lot of the rhino. After find a parking spot and walking up to the door, we are directed to the side entrance to be security waned before going inside. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Pac Man Jones shooting lately. But anyways all is good and they point us right inside. After speaking with “Mountain” he lets us right in the door and directs us to the back VIP bar. we order a round of drinks and settle in at the back bar to watch the crowd and view for a few minutes. Now let me fill you in about something at the rhino. the girls in this place are 200% hotter than any place we have been this night. Now over 60 or 70 percent of them are left overs from CES weekend and don’t even live in Las Vegas but all is well cause we know the strip clubs are supposed to be for tourists and not locals to pick up on dancers.

So all in all in a final re-cap of the night we got to see some drunk people puking in the parking lot at sapphires and some of the ugliest girls ever at cheetahs but then made our night by stopping by the rhino for some of the best views in the Las Vegas land.

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