The Best Five Hotspots for Spring Break [LIST]


In the next couple of months college and high school students will be preparing to head off on their coveted spring break outings. Most will head south for warmer weather. And the majority will look for a place around the country others on spring break are likely to go.

This is like an unspoken high school and college tradition. During spring break all etiquette and “shoulds” are abandoned for wanton pleasure and the party life. Here are five hot spots mostly around the mainland US, with a couple of extras.

1- Granada or Sevilla, Spain. Those with bottomless pockets are sure to want an adventure far away from the US, even if only for a few days. Both of these cities, Granada and Sevilla, are packed with culture and “La Buena Vida”, the good life. The drinking age is sixteen for beer and wine. The best thing about Andalucia are the world-famous tapas, olives, and Sangria.

2- Waikiki. Another place for those who can afford a far away journey are the beaches of Waikiki. Hawaii is not only a surfer’s paradise, it is great for snorkelling and the beach life in general. With plenty of crowds in every direction, Waikiki is an ideal destination for spring break.

3- New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Those wanting to enjoy other students for spring break, a good party atmosphere but on a smaller, cozier scale will enjoy New Smyrna Beach on Florida’s east coast. It is a nice beach haven and you can live your life in barefeet.

4- Lake Havasu, Arizona. This place is not for the faint of heart, nor for the modest, during spring break. The major draw here is a week on a boat chilling on the lake, with thousands of others. Boat traffic is congested. People are just cruising the scene up and down the waterways. It is reputed as the wildest and most hard core place to go for spring break.

5- Daytona Beach, Florida. Daytona has long been party central for the spring break getaway. It is a bit gritty, but if you want to mix and mingle with peers from all over the country, this is perhaps the most crowded and insane place to be. You are sure to enjoy plenty of sun and warm as well.

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