“The Dark Knight Rises” Official Trailer [VIDEO]


Roughly a year away from its already much anticipated release date, the latest Batman saga, “The Dark Knight Rises,” finally has an official trailer surfacing.

The movie is said to be the epic conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. And if things continue to progress as they have with each passing film, we will surely not be disappointed.

The film again welcomes a star-studded cast, with Christian Bale appropriately at the forefront. Anne Hathaway has been welcomed into the mix, and so on and so forth.

Catwoman resurfaces in the much hyped conclusive flick as does yet another villain aimed at getting in the way of the illusive Batman.

The movie is slated to hit theaters July 20th of next year, so while we have a year to get accustomed to the forthcoming portrayal, here is the initial, official teaser. Enjoy.

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