The Jay and Beyoncé Way


The music industry’s most powerful couple keeps it that way by keeping quiet

“I love me some Jay-Z!”

Last night at the Billboard Awards, pop icon, Beyoncé hit the stage with her new single; “Run the World (Girls)” for the first time on television where she also accepted the Millennium award for her many accolades. However, the most shocking part of her award acceptance was when she emphatically proclaimed, “I love me some Jay-Z!”

Justin Michaels, who attended the Billboard Awards at The MGM Grand in Las Vegas, was shocked when she uncharacteristically spoke rather comfortably about her hubby.

“I couldn’t believe she called him out by name given their well-documented dedication to not speaking about their relationship publicly, but thinking about it. She’s not actually talking to the media. She’s talking to him.”

For almost a decade Jay & Beyoncè have kept their very public relationship, out of their public mouths whenever the media, talk show hosts or inquiring minds wanted to know any of the private and juicy details concerning Hollywood’s most powerful couple. And that type of Mafioso-like dedication to silence, has served them very well throughout their time together. In an age where TMZ, paparazzi,  and even camera phones make it hard for celebrity couples to keep it together, their 10 year run has sailed smoothly with very little rumor waves throughout Hollywood gossip news. It’s something that we as “common-folk”, can take from them and apply to our own love lives.

Interestingly enough, we can ALL take a page from that book. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve experienced a couple’s demise because their private lives were lived out on Facebook or Twitter, which allowed others to criticize or leave a comment. The more people you allow inside your relationship, the more opinions you tend to pile up, which can ultimately leak into the fibers of you and your partner’s ties. We all know that Beyoncè loves Jay (and vice versa), and we all know that they’re happy. Do they have relationship problems? Sure, and no one is saying that you can’t and shouldn’t proclaim your love for whomever you’re sharing your life with, but when’s the last time that discussing the private details of your relationship publicly benefited your love life? Take it from the best in the biz… Quiet is kept, and kept together.

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