The Last Samurai: Girl’s Dad Cuts off Boyfriend’s Lips with a Sword


It’s natural. You know — to be incessantly afraid of your girlfriend’s father, or stepfather even. From that very first time that you hesitantly call the house and he drills you with the proverbial “21 questions,” to whenever you anxiously roll up for that first date and he’s sitting on the front porch, polishing his shotgun, it’s just an unfailing part of life, and we all have experienced it in some facet or another.

Now 99 percent of the time, however, no follow through action need be executed and quite frankly, would be highly illegal if ever did happen, yet sometimes you come across that rare occasion when pops just has to throw down.

Just ask a certain young man hailing from Houston, Texas, who was dating the step-daughter of Robert Salyer (evidently an avid Tom Cruise fan, more specifically the Last Samurai). Evidently, the kid and his girlfriend were engaged in a verbal altercation (that happens what, four times a week?), and Sayler didn’t like what he was hearing or how his step-child was being treated. Sayler then proceeded to ask the fellow to vacate the premises and when he refused, the step-father decided to take matters into his own hands — oriental offensive style. Yes sir — the guy whipped out his shiny, freshly sharpened sword (who even owns those?) and sliced the poor boy’s lips right off.

I guess it almost delves back to ancient times. Like when you would steal and they would subsequently cut your hand off. Well, in the world of Robert Salyer, you talk smack, you lose your lips — enough said (pun intended).

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