The Newest Legal Way to Get High: Bath Salts


It seems like now a days more and more people are looking to get high, legally, of course.  From everything to salvia, a legal form of marijuana, to nitrous oxide, to just good old fashioned alcohol people wanna be intoxicated.  But, this new form of “legal drug” blows huffing paint and snorting sleeping pills right out the window.  This new drug being sold as “bath salts” is like methamphetamine or cocaine, according to the Poison Control Centers.

In 2010 the Poison Control Center received more than 125 calls between October and December prompting Louisiana to ban the substance.  Other states have began following suite trying to ban this substance as well but, so far it is still legal in almost all of the US states.  The “bath salts’ are not causing an euphoric high for some people, it is causing manic episodes, rage, paranoia, and hallucinations, prompting them to have violent outrages against themselves and others.

It is so bad that former drug user Neil Brown, of Mississippi, is urging people to stay away from the “bath salts” saying he has done everything from heroin to crack and he is still feeling the effects of the “bath salts”, even after stopping using them.  Brown, got high on the “bath salts” and slashed his face and stomach open, he survived but will never forget his ordeal with the drug.  But, others have not been so lucky.  There have been reports of multiple  people committing suicide while on the drug, one woman in Florida tried to decapitate her 71 year old mother, and another shot his father in the head then cut his own throat.

Lawmakers are so concerned with this new “legal drug” that they are trying to ban it in the US, with not much luck.  Right now, there is no age limit on buying the drug, there are no regulations at all on the substance.  From the research I have done, I am concluding that this is a very serious and dangerous drug to be messing around with.  Even though it is legal, it is by no means safe, stay away from the “bath salts” and just have a beer instead.  Just don’t drink and drive.

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