The Next Royal Wedding: The World Loves a Great Romance


It has been a long, long while since Americans have had any fairy book romances to follow. Hollywood stars and relationships melt like paraffin and are hot for only a while. We want to see something old-fashioned and proper.

Okay. Living together before marriage kind-of kills that ideal, and Prince William and Kate Middleton did that for a couple of years while they were studying, so maybe I shouldn’t tell you that. And Kate’s uncle has a pretty dirty reputation, too, so that doesn’t help the story book end of things.

But outside of that, Miss Middleton comes from a pretty solid upbringing from no wealthy family. They are well off enough, but not Lords and Duchesses or anything like that. Just middle class, something we can relate to. That’s what keeps up following their love affair.

Prince William definitely seems to be taking after his mother, the Late Princess Diana, in her good works, and it is said Queen Consort to-be, Kate, will fit in nicely.

We like that. She is lovely and has had to mature a lot to be ready for her role. Most of the world will be watching on April 29th as the couple wed at Westminster Abbey. It is rumored they will be conscious of the crisis around the globe and keep the wedding more basic.

That transcribes to a bill of only £80 million for security alone. Britain will observe this day as a national holiday, meaning the majority of work will come to a stand still. The big debate in the Old Empire now is who will pick up the tab? The Queen? Or maybe the taxpayer? Ah, but we do like Royal weddings.

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