The Three Stooges Are Back: It’s A Ynuk Ynuk Thing


Well slap me silly! It was reported last week that 20th Century Fox will be bringing back and remaking the time old slapstick phenomenon, “The Three Stooges.” As Curly would say, “Woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo!” Ready for your possible cast? TheWrap has learned from an agency insider that, “’Jackass’ prankster Johnny Knoxville, ‘Saturday Night Live’ star Andy Samberg and Australian comic Shane Jacobson are on the shortlist to play Moe, Larry and Curly, respectively.”

Here’s how this all came to fruition. MGM Studios has been in a tumultuous financial situation with the threat of bankruptcy imminently resting on the horizon. In an attempt to help deviate the blow, 20th Century Fox took over the “Stooges” package brand with Farrelly Brothers, Peter and Bobby, directing their script co-written by Mike Cerrone. It’s further reported that, “Bradley Thomas will produce with Charles B. Wessler, while Earl Benjamin, the gatekeeper of the Stooges’ estate, will executively produce.” TheWrap went on to write, “‘The Three Stooges’ movie has bounced around Hollywood for years. It was first set up at Columbia Pictures (which produced the classic 1930s Stooges shorts) before moving to Warner Bros. and finally MGM. The Farrellys are based at Fox, so it made sense for the studio to acquire the popular property.”

This cast selection is not so open and shut as some articles would lead you to believe though. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Peter Farrelly was sure to dispel rumors that contracts were inked as of yet. “You don’t want people to think ‘they already cast that thing,’ because we haven’t. It’s wide open to everybody. Right now, there is no leader in the clubhouse,” he said.

Not varying from the original format of the beloved foolery, the new studio plans on shooting three 27 minute long shorts with a projected schedule date of March 14. Some people are questioning as to just what audience this will play to. Will it attract a younger group that may not be familiar with Moe, Larry, and Curly? Okay, first of all, who in the hell over the age of five isn’t familiar with these boys’ crazy antics? Incontrovertibly, they are an American comedy institution. The network needn’t fear mass approval, (especially with the male demographic) because with each passing generation of supposedly sharper acumen, there will never be a time a male of any age will watch one guy clumsily smack another guy and have it not evoke a chuckle.

I am extremely excited to see what these new numskulls will be concocting this time. Will they text each other? Or will they be playing it pre-technology era when we cared more about making a dime rather than who tagged us on Facebook? So, “Wake up and go to sleep!” Will you be seeing me in the theater porcupines? “Why… soitenly!”

(Image from TheWrap)

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