The Top Five Android Must-Have Apps


A cell phone is more than just a cell phone. With all of the Android applications available, when people show off their phones, they list its capabilities exceeding far beyond their mobile coverage. Mobile phones are that  packaged in a hand-held computer.

They are called smartphones for a reason. If you are just walking into this market blindly and feel overwhelmed, I am going to list for you the best 5 all-time Android applications. Android is currently the best functioning smarphone OS. It boasts over one third of this market and more than 12 million lines of code.

Here are the top 5 Android apps to get your hands on. They were selected based on usefulness and price.

1. Phone Halo Protect
The function of this app is protecting, locating and recovering. It will protect the data in you phone. It has a Bluetooth mechanism to recover the data on the phone when it is lost. And it has a GPS tracking system to wipe out or recover information remotely. You must purchase this app separately.

2.Titanium Backup
This is a great backup tool online. You can back up links, data and applications,  too. It is the second pulse of your smartphone. The paid versions are faster and more reliable, but free versions are available.

3. Nimbuzz for Android Phones
Nimbuzz irepresents the fun side of smartphones. This app allows you to IM chat with your friends on GTalk, Yahoo, Windows, Skype, AIM, Myspace and Facebook. You can see who is online and you cans see their avatars as well. It is a free app, and a must have for computer geeks.

4. WordPress For Android Phones
WordPress is a great app on PCs and you can get it on your cell as well. This is a highly recommended app for bloggers. You can do it all in the palm of your hand. It, too, is wonderful and free, available from the WorkPress website.

5. Ultimate FavsPro Application
Ultimate FavsPro is also a free application for your mobile. It lets you organize your data graphically. It makes organizing easy and almost enjoyable. You can download it from their website.

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