The Top Five Dogs to Own as Pets [LIST]


If you are about to purchase a dog for a pet, the first thing you want to consider is safety. Which dogs are the safest and best as pets? Another thing to consider, if you are on the go a lot or live out of a suitcase, which dogs do the best on their own? What about your budget? If it is tight, you will want a smaller dog.

Of course, there are a lot of other things to consider. But in the most general sense, here is a recommended list of the top five dogs for pets. Hopefully, you can find one to suit you who will be “your best friend.”

1- Collie. This dog is arguably the smartest dog. Does the name “Lassie” send off the bells? They are one of the gentlest natures, too. They have a special affinity with children. And a double bonus, they don’t carry as strong of an odor as other breeds.

2- Irish Setter. One of the most stunning breeds, these dogs are athletic and have a lot of personality. They do need a lot of space and don’t do well in small homes or kennels. If you have a cat, they will be safe around the Irish Setter.

3- Golden Retriever. Here is one of America’s favorite pets. They are considered eager-to-please. They accept other pets. The thing to keep in mind is they are easily excited and could frighten infants and toddlers. Golden Retrievers are a gorgeous looking species of dog and are notoriously excellent hunters.

4- Labrador Retriever. Rivaling the former for popularity, they have similar behaviors to the Golden Retriever. They are muscular with floppy ears and extended noses. They love water and are natural swimmers. These dogs need training in order to keep them under control.

5- Poodle. Believe it or not, Poodles get a bad rap. One of the best small dogs to own, many people are off-put with its snooty reputation. But they are intelligent and loyal. Some say they actually possess a sense of humor. They are also excellent guard dogs, as they are very territorial. Because they shed so little, they can also be tolerated by most people with dog allergies.

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