The Wait Is Almost Over: Apple to Announce iPhone 5 on October 4


No, this is not some longstanding cruel and unjust joke. Word on the street is that Apple will finally unveil and announce the highly anticipated (understatement) release of its next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5, on Tuesday, October 4.

The invitations for the illustrious tech event have been sent out (see pictured below), as there is a lack of direct information regarding the announcement, but multiple sources have confirmed that it will in fact, pertain to the iPhone 5. The truly great news, however, is that generally (virtually always) when Apple officially unveils a new product, it is a mere week or two away from its official release.

Okay, pick yourself up off the floor, dust off your shirt, and regain your composure. I know you’re all giddy like a little school girl, seeing as the rumored drop date has came and went several times, but come on man, keep it together. Although I must admit, I went through the same exact thing.

The phone is said to feature an internet connection three times as fast, an enhanced screen and camera, as well as other numerous upgrades. The big mystery is what the body of the phone will actually look like. There have been a number of leaked photos, some with a drastic change in appearance and some virtually the same, but it will obviously be a nice fulfillment to finally be awarded with the legitimate overall aesthetic.

So as Tuesday nears, be on the lookout for a clear live feed, which always surfaces, so you can check first-hand just what grand news Apple has to let loose.

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