Thief Steals Almost $250,000 Via Airplane Toilet


(AFP) ~ An ingenious thief stole close to a quarter of a million dollars on a flight in the Caribbean after he snuck into the cash-laden cargo hold by going through the toilet.
A Brinks security employee placed three sacks of cash, totalling $1.65 million, in the cargo space of an Air Antilles plane just before it left the French island of Guadeloupe, on its route to the Franco-Dutch island of Saint Martin. The guard took his seat on the ATR-42 turboprop plane for the 40-minute flight, but when the plane landed it was discovered that $236,809 was missing from the sacks.
Local police are on the lookout for a man who claimed to feel ill and spent most of the flight in the plane’s toilet. Apparently he was spending that time removing panels to gain access to the hold in the rear of the plane. Shortly before landing the man, who was travelling with a woman who seemed concerned about his health, asked a flight attendant to have an ambulance meet them on the tarmac.
When the ambulance arrived the man said he suddenly felt better and walked out of the airport without having to go through the regular security checks and disappeared. Cleaners who later found bundles of money in the toilet were the ones who raised the alarm; the woman travelling with the man was questioned in the baggage hall but did not have any of the missing money.
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