This Kid’s Crime “Blown” Way Out Of Proportion


What ever happened to school pranks? Right? A little fun senior year never hurt anyone (Columbine catastrophe not included.) A Rushville, Indiana high school student who has been accused of pulling a senior prank may end up in jail.

According to Chicago’s WGN, “Tyell Morton was caught on surveillance cameras bringing a package into Rushville High School while he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and latex gloves.” The New Trier school officials fearing it was an explosive contacted the state bomb squad only to “discover the box only contained a blow up doll which was left in the girls bathroom as a joke.” Talk about an overreaction “blowing” up in your face.

Most likely due to overwhelming embarrassment on the heads of the adults that called a bomb squad over a sex doll, “Morton is now charged with felony criminal mischief.” As Morton was being escorted out of the school in handcuffs, he said, “It was just a senior prank, you know. I mean they’re blowing it out of proportion. I didn’t hurt nobody, I didn’t have no intention of embarrassing nobody.” Based on the lad’s loquacious statement, maybe the school should surveillance their English department as well as they do the hallways.

This is not the only kid missing graduation this year at this school. John Matthews is also in this ridiculous boat. The report continued that in additional to not wearing that cap and gown, “[he] was suspended eight days for dropping pornographic images down a school stairwell last month.” Okay, new idea for the school: In addition to improving your English department… how about a sex ed program these horny kids obviously need.

It’s deplorable to think that this child – with no prior convictions – could now face up to eight years in jail. That, people, is the real crime here. If you ask me… Instead of this pent up judge denying Morton’s request to attend graduation, he aught to think about “using” the doll so he can think more lucidly and rationally.

(Image from WGN)

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