Tiger Blood: The Sheen-Inspired Drink


SANTA MONICA, Calif. —-Winning” — A California company looking to take advantage of the Charlie Sheen phenomenon recently released a new energy drink called “Tiger Blood.”

The Santa Monica based Harcos Laboratories who began selling Tiger Blood Tuesday said it is “made of 100 percent passion.”

The 3.4 ounce Sheen inspired energy drink contains 80 mg of caffeine and comes in an intravenous bag-style container and sells for $3.99.

The Company founded by a pair of self-described robotic industry geeks was not the only one looking to cash in on Charlie Sheen’s Tiger Blood craze.

Recently, alleged music thief and wannabe rap mogul, Sean Combs tried to get in on the trend by tweeting the recipe for a Tiger Blood cocktail which featured his CIROC vodka, of course.

However, those who think Charlie Sheen invented tiger blood would be mistaken.

According to residents in the south, Tiger Blood originated in the Texas area 25-years ago and is a favorite flavor often served on shaved-ice (sno-cones.)

Harcos Labs says their tiger blood product is “made of 100 percent passion.”

Sheen, who was fired from the CBS sit-com “Two-and-a-Half Men” following weeks of erratic behavior, recently proclaimed he has “tiger blood” and “Adonis DNA.”

Whether the Sheen craze is here to stay or a passing fancy like homeless radio announcer Ted Williams has yet to be seen. However, Sheen’s antics are not only proving to be extremely entertaining, they are also proving to be extremely profitable in a society that loves celebrity meltdowns.

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