Time To Pull Over: Another Party Bus Leads To Death


In and around Los Angeles, it’s ultra-common to see the familiar party buses traveling around the city from hot spot to hot spot with the underlying hope of every tourist on board to experience the chic LA lifestyle and to live like a star for just a day. Maybe I’ve been here too long and have a comfort zone that falls entirely in the “cynic” category, but, I can’t imagine those little bus rides being anything more than a giant let down. It’s kind of like watching a magic show from behind the curtain exposing how the trick was done. But, failure or not, it seems these buses are getting a bit too rowdy recently.

The Los Angeles Times reported this morning that their have been reports of multiple shootings (all separate incidences) surrounding these parties on wheels. Hollywood Division Police Capt. Bea Girmala of the LAPD said, “the party buses come from the San Fernando Valley, South Los Angeles, South Bay cities and even from far away as Riverside and San Bernardino counties. In some cases gangs have been involved.” Gangs coming from crap neighborhoods and firing pistols in nice areas? Hmm… where have I heard this before?

Furthermore, Girmala went on to say that, “a lot of drinking takes place on these buses before they make it to the door of the venue.” Sure, why not? I mean how many times have you put on your best do-rag, loaded your gun, and said to yourself, “Something is missing. You know what this ensemble needs? Booze!”

Even with the LAPD’s effort of assigning a special task force and increasing the patrol number by 40 in 2009, these party buses carrying the “undesirables” make it nearly impossible for the officers to control the crime. Yesterday, shortly after 3a.m., “four people were shot in Hollywood early Sunday morning after a fight connected with a so-called party bus,” according to the Los Angeles Police Department. This particular incident happened near the intersection of Cahuenga Boulevard and Franklin Avenue.

Be it painfully obvious what the solution is, I guess I’ll just say it anyway. Umm, STOP! That’s it. That’s your friggen answer to the problem. Stop trucking in armed and dangerous drunk degenerates from surrounding areas and expose them to innocent victims trying to have a nice evening without bloodshed. The only thing most of this community is trying to catch when they go out is, a movie, a few drinks, maybe a hot hookup… but nobody has a bullet on their list.

Here’s my favorite part: According to one of the responding officers, “the suspect may have fled in a blue Chevrolet El Camino.” Well, you don’t get a more stereotypical getaway vehicle than that people!

(Image from KTLA)

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