TLC “Ink” Series Will Tag NYC Next


When most people think about New York City “ink”, chances are graffiti comes to mind. This time, it’s people we’re tagging. Stemming from the success of the popular tattoo shows, “Miami Ink” and “LA Ink,” TLC has inked a deal to bring Ami James’ needle design skills to The Big Apple.

According to All Headline News, “Ami James, who started on ‘Miami Ink,’ has now set his sights on becoming the Tattoo King of New York.” With a whole new cast and surroundings, he will be “setting up shop in the heart of Soho with a brand new store, Wooster Street Social Club.”

Production of the latest edition to the “Ink “ franchise is expected to begin next month in March with a debut of eight episodes planned so far. Awareness of the series has increased since the LA version of the show got some major unplanned attention after the whole Kat Von D / Jesse James / Sandra Bullock tabloid snafu. You know what they say in Hollywood: One person’s crushed dreams are another show’s ratings. Sick!

Sources go on to report, “ ‘LA Ink’ earned over 1.5 million viewers on average and earns an average of 4.5 million page views a month on TLC’s website.” And get this, even though “Miami Ink” – which premiered in 2005 – hasn’t been in production with a new episode since 2008, the show’s fan site on TLC’s website still continues to earn 2.5 million page views a month online.

It should be nice to see how New Yorkers will react after finding out that Asian tribal sign they’ve been sporting proudly on their bicep they thought meant “power and strength” is actually a symbol meaning “communist gypsy.” Look for the premier, slated to pierce the skin in June 2011.

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