TLC Pulls the Trigger on Palin After One Season


B.F.E., Alaska —-What’s that smell? It’s the smell of ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ starting to rot after The Learning Channel announced it had no plans to renew the show for a second season.

 A collective sigh of relief from Alaska’s wildlife could be heard for thousands of miles as Palin’s killing spree came to a grinding halt this week.

The former Alaska governor came under fire, as viewers tuned in to watch the caribou hunting, club wielding Palin commune with nature, then bash its brains in like Robert De Niro in “The Untouchables” (see here.)  

The show that premiered Nov. 14 averaged 3.2 million viewers per week; however you’d be hard pressed to find someone to admit they actually watched the series.

The low brow reality series featured the former GOP VP hopeful and her Alaska clan. It also gave America its most retched moment in television history, when Palin invited Kate Gosselin and her gaggle of little Jon’s to an ill-fated camping trip.

A Gosselin source told Us that the reality mom had “zero chemistry” with the former governor during the July taping.

“They didn’t speak off camera,” the insider adds. “Kate said the food and accommodations were terrible, and it was the worst trip she’d ever been on.”

If there is a hell it would be experiencing that camping trip in July for an eternity.

 In a darker note, there is little doubt in this writer’s mind that this will not be the last we see of old “Tea bags” Palin. The small minded mountain momma has a taste for the limelight and caribou and by God one of them will be fed to the horror of a mass audience, just you wait.

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