Today Show Loses Another Familiar Face


NBC’s morning fixture, “The Today Show” will be losing another co-host who commanded their news magazine for only five years. Meredith Vieira announced on this morning’s broadcast of the program the following words: “You can never get enough of it and it just keeps ticking away. I know that I want to spend more of mine with my husband Richard and my kids.”

According to Forbes, “Vieira’s husband has been battling multiple sclerosis and colon cancer for years and her impending departure has been rumored for at least two months.” I understand that family is important and you only have so much time on earth before the inevitable “check-out” which – let’s face it – could come at any time… but what is it with the women of “Today” that keep throwing away these coveted co-anchor positions and give up an intricate role on an institution “which earns some $500 million in ad revenues for the network?”

First we had Katie Couric make the leap over to the “CBS Evening News” which… well, I think we all know how that turned out? And now, after a mere five years, Vieira is over it. Is it the sound of the alarm clock? Has H&H Bagels lost it’s touch? Is the make-up girl a bitch? What is the deal?

Now, before the network gave Katie even a moment to dream of time machines and possibilities… in the same breath, Vieira also “named news anchor Ann Curry as her successor.” What Curry had to say? “I feel like the high school computer nerd who was just asked to prom by the quarterback of the football team.” She is a good choice for the network. Here’s what Curry brings to the ‘news’ table. An ethnically ambiguous, yet familiar face with a trusting voice and kind personality to match. Works for me. Now, if she can just sit still.

In fact, I’d take my lead from Matt Lauer. Wake up, go to work, be done by 10am, tell some news, have some chuckles, collect your millions, and shut up! In fact Ann, I wouldn’t make one move career wise come June when you take that front and center seat until one of two things happen… Either Al Roker is fat again or Willard Scott finally gets what he’s always wanted: His own liver spotted face on a Smucker’s label.

We’ll be right back, but first, this is “Today” on NBC.

(Image from NBC)

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