Toddler Dies from 50 ft. Fall at Staple Center


While his family was posing for pictures in a Skybox suite at Los Angeles’ heralded Staples Center, just minutes after the Lakers romp over the Golden State Warriors, two year old Lucas Anthony Tang managed to position himself beyond that of the clear security barrier and then plummeted near 50 feet to the stands below. Suffering obvious head injuries the toddler was rushed to the hospital where he shorty thereafter passed.

An unidentified police officer says the child’s family was peering through previously taken digital photographs on their camera and therein lost track of their son who had wandered to the other side of the arena’s see through, protective barrier and then lost his grip.

First on the scene, Officer Julie Sohn was unable to verify such a statement but did disclose of the family’s posing for pictures.

When speaking with the authorities, Staples Center spokesmen, Michael Roth said, “In 11 years, we’ve never had an incident like this.” He then went on to reassure that the building and its structures are strictly in compliance of all the city’s mandated safety precautions and is no way susceptible to such occurrences.

You hate to point the blame after such a traumatic event, but as accepted the child’s family is being investigated for any connected irresponsibilities regarding the matter. Our thoughts and condolences sincerely go out to the Tang family in their time of loss.

(Quote via Huffington Post)

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