Top 5 Favorite X-Factor Auditions So Far [VIDEOS]


Simon Cowell’s new hit sensation, “X-Factor” is the new talk of the town when it comes to entertainment. For anyone who’s seen it, it’s easy to assume that American Idol has met their match. No matter which show you prefer, it goes without saying that it’s the auditions that we love the most.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite auditions from the beginning of X-Factor, Season 1 – both good and bad. The unique part about this show is that there is no age limit. Ironically enough, some of our favorite videos listed below are from contestants that are under the age of 18 years old. Perfect for one of the best talent scouts in the world (Simon Cowell)!

Ready for the good, the bad and the ugly? Leave your comments and let us know what you think!

Here are our top five X-Factor Auditions for 2011:

Brian Bradley [GOOD]: This 14 year old from the Jersey auditions comes off hard and starts asking Simon what his problem is. Unbeknownst to Simon and the judges, it’s part of his act. He breaks into a song about how people need to stop checking out his Mom in a song that is sure to have you singing along!

Jazzlyn Little [GOOD]: This 16 year old girl comes on the stage giving us the impression that she’s shy and about to fail miserably. She mentions that she’s posted one video on YouTube which only received 500 hits. Simon tells her 500 hits is horrible – but when she starts to sing Mary J. Blige, it’s hard not to get the chills. Needless to say, she blows the judges and the audience away!

Chris Rene [GOOD]: One of my personal favorites. Another example of a guy that the audience just never gave a chance. He was “dead on arrival” as the judges have joked in the past. Chris grabs the mic and tells the audience how he just got out of rehab. He decides to perform his own song, titled “Young Homie” – noticed the judges reaction towards the song name. By the end of the performance, the audience is on their feet.

Devon Talley [BAD!!!]: One of the worst auditions so far! There were some pretty bad ones, but this one just makes us laugh. You’ll see why:

Clarissa Cheatham [BAD!!!]: Wait, maybe this is one of the worst auditions so far! Notice Simon’s reaction – as he simply cannot stop laughing! Guaranteed to make you laugh.

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