Top 5 Music Earners of 2010


In a world that embraces the cult of celebrity, if you didn’t believe it until now, let these staggering numbers convince you. There is no crisis for the following artists who made no small fortune in 2010. Pollstar, a publication for the music trade, revealed its figures last week.

So don your glam and your drag and make sure you’re sitting down for this one.

1.      Bon Jovi – Long one of America’s favourites, since 1983 to be exact, these guys are still sex symbols after spanning three decades. Their Circle tour was the biggest earner of 2010 raking in over $200 million around the globe.

2.      AC/DC – Still on that infamous “highway” of theirs AC/DC are laughing for the time being. They come in at second for the second consecutive year. Not too old to give us some rock’n roll, Australia’s success had ticket sales exceeding $175 million.

3.      U2 – Northern Ireland’s gritty band still woo’s the crowd, too. Considered perhaps the most successful rock band in history, after coming in at number 1 in 2009 Bono and company fall to third place carrying nearly $170 million with them.

4.      Lady Gaga – While the exact number Lady Gaga earned is somewhere around $133 million from her tour, her flash and flamboyance have done her well. She is the only relative newcomer in the top five.

5.      Metallica – Nothing else probably matters to this lot except that they were quite successful in 2010, hitting the top 5 in the most successful earners. They take home a reported $110 million in ticket sales.

These figures aren’t exactly comparing apple to apples. For instance, Lady Gaga played 138 gigs. This is quite a contrast to Bon Jovi with 80, AC/DC with 40 shows and U2 having only performed 32 times on their tour.

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